Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispies

“Always after me Lucky Charms!” We’ve all heard that before from the commercials on TV and then we mimic the phrase, usually in a flirtatious, fun way, right?  (You know you have!!)  I mean, it’s such a cute, catchy little phrase.  Who doesn’t like to try to speak in an Irish accent anyways?

And who wouldn’t love these Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispies to go along with that accent, I ask you?  “Always after me Lucky Charms!”

Genius!  So, the ole *Light Bulb* was going off in my head.  I was like, I can make these at home, like the ones Lucky Charms makes in the stores and at a fraction of the price.

My son is always asking for the cereal bars when we go grocery shopping and this is one he really, really likes.  These have lots of marshmallow!  Gooey and chewy! Yum!

So, I made them and they were absolutely, ‘magically delicious’. 😀 I Have you tried my Butterfinger Rice Krispies? They are to die for!  I’ve made them, people love them and I always get asked for the recipe.  You should try them too! 😀  (No arm twisting here!)

This is a kid favorite (I’m a big kid) that will win with any crowd and of course, they’re unmistakably, ‘magically delicious’!

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispies are one of the easiest, fastest treats to make for any time, any party, any place!

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispies
Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispies

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats

They’re ‘Magically Delicious’ Lucky Charm Rice Krispies filled with gooey marshmallow and mini marshmallows. You get double the marshmallow! Tasty! Bringing the “MAGIC” back!
 Author Kim Lange


  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 10.5 oz plus 2 cupsmini marshmallows
  • 5 cups Lucky Charms
  • optional Rainbow Sprinkles


  1. Butter a 9×13 pan
  2. Take large non-stick saucepan and melt butter on low heat.
  3. Add 1 package of marshmallows and stir keeping on low heat until they are melted into the butter. Then add in the last 2 cups and let them melt partially.
  4. Add in the Lucky Charms cereal and stir until the cereal is fully coated.
  5. Pour mixture into prepared pan and spread out around evenly with large spatula sprayed with non-stick spray or you can use butter.
  6. Press mixture down into pan evenly. (Don’t over press, they become too compacted and hard).

    Optional: Add sprinkles immediately and press into treats.

  7. Let treats sit for 2 hours or so and cut into squares into preferred sizes.


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