Strawberry Ladybugs & Tips to Get Kids to Eat Fruit

Sometimes it can be tough to get kids to eat healthy foods! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve though, and today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite ways to incorporate more fruits in my girls’ diets.

TIP #1: Make Eating Fruit Fun!

It seems so simple, but the girls love it when I “dress fruit up” and make it into fun shapes and characters, like these strawberry ladybugs I created this afternoon:

Here’s what you need to make strawberry ladybugs:

Step One: Remove the tops of the strawberries by cutting a small V-shape (this will leave a nice little pocket to attach their “heads”). Cut strawberries in half lengthwise.

Step Two: Melt chocolate in candy decorating bag according to instructions on package. Make a small cut at the point of the bag.

TIP: In a pinch you can also use a regular plastic zipper bag and cut one of the corners to decorate. In this case, do not melt the chocolate in the bag, but instead melt in a microwave safe bowl and scoop into the bag.

Step Three: Squeeze small dots of chocolate onto the strawberries. Use chocolate to attach the blueberry “head.” Allow chocolate to harden.

Step Four: Use chocolate to draw legs and antennae on the serving plate.

Now the best part…enjoying them! I’ve never seen my girls eat fruit so quickly!

Strawberry Ladybugs & Tips to Get Kids to Eat Fruit
Strawberry Ladybugs & Tips to Get Kids to Eat Fruit

TIP #2: Add fruit in unexpected ways!

We are big water drinkers, but every now and then I treat the girls to a Certified USDA Organic CAPRI SUN™. I choose CAPRI SUN™ Organic because it contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and no added sugar.* Plus, it contains 100% daily value of Vitamin C and a full serving of fruit.** The girls love their special juice drink and I love that it is better for them than other sugary drinks and sodas. The fact that CAPRI SUN™ has an organic option is a bonus, because we try to incorporate organic products whenever possible.

I’m always looking for ways to stock up and save money, so it was great news to see that Sam’s Club carries the value pack of 40 6oz organic juice pouches. I also love the CAPRI SUN PUSH PLAY campaign, which encourages parents to have their children just play more often.

*Not a low calorie food.

**Each pouch provides 1/2 cup fruit juice which is one serving of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.


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